Competent and efficient professionals in engineering, design and sustainability
Years of experience in serving businesses with their procurement, haulage and logistics needs.
Team of industry experts applying innovative technologies to deliver cost effective solutions
Delivering results, reliability and rock solid dependability in all projects and solutions
We are 100% environment friendly. Caring for our environment is the most profitable investment

Who we are

CHOEJATUM PROCUREMENT AND ENGINEERING LTD was established to provide engineering and procurement services with INTEGRITY to both private and public sector clients in Nigeria. Our solutions are consistent with the goals of our clients. We research, develop, and present multiple options if appropriate and help to select the best solution. Our clients are assured they are dealing with a decision maker who is keenly aware of the importance of success on each and every project no matter the size.

CHOEJATUM PROCUREMENT AND ENGINEERING LTD also offers multidisciplinary TEAMWORK with accredited professionals on staff. We have created a partnership with a diverse range of Professionals to establish unparalleled expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, project management, project planning and power generation/distribution services. CHOEJATUM PROCUREMENT AND ENGINEERING LTD is a 100% Nigerian owned company registered under the laws of Nigeria. We are committed to ensuring that our organization supports the government’s objectives of transforming the economy in order to ensure equitable participation by all sectors of the Nigerian
population. We continue to consolidate on our business's strategy in order to enable us achieve further growth and development in each area of our businesses’ scorecard


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