Who we are

We are a procurement and engineering firm that has become a reputable player in the transformation of the Nigerian industry. Our team comprises of professionals with a huge wealth of experience in procurement and engineering fields in the Nigerian business, manufacturing and extractive sectors.

Our experience covers procurement, design, implementation and project management of projects in construction, machine engineering, fabrication and structural engineering to also include hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical works. With a well equipped workshop backed with technically competent personnel and procurement specialists, we are fully capable in providing total engineering solutions to clients of various types and sizes.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy is to provide superior engineering offerings, procurement and consultancy services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require. The elements of our business strategy include: 

Innpvation: We rely on on-going innovation in engineering planning and design, project implementation, project management, procurement and support services to ensure continuing engineering leadership, which our customers experience in the form of greater cost efficiencies.

Solutions based selling model: We use a solutions based model that emphasizes on tailor-making solutions to address unique customers' business requirements and models.



Why Us: We have at our disposal a pool of engineers, technicians and procurement specialists that are qualified and experienced in all aspects of engineering design and procurement solutions deployment from conceptualization to implementation and commissioning, and this guarantees good quality service for all our customers. We have in past projects demonstrated our cability to design and implement project-based solutions. Prospective customers can be assured that this is not maiden ground for CHOEJATUM PROCUREMENT AND ENGINEERING LTD as we have in-house skills to implement and support various on-site and workshop based projects.


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